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Medical indemnity insurance is technically titled medical professional liability insurance, but also known as medical malpractice or indemnity insurance. It’s liability coverage offered to medical professionals, like doctors, nurses, dentists, etc., that provides insurance coverage in the event of any malpractice or suspected malpractice that results in harm to the patient. It’s an insurance designed for medical professionals because it caters to the hazards of the medical profession. You can find out more by visiting our medical malpractice web page.

Note: we offer the option to include fitness to practise cover with medical indemnity insurance, you will see the option to include it after the quote stage of the medical indemnity form.

From 1 April 2019, NHS Resolution began operating a new state indemnity scheme for general practice in England called the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP). The scheme covers clinical negligence liabilities arising in general practice in relation to incidents that occurred on or after 1 April 2019. CNSGP provides a fully comprehensive indemnity for all claims within its scope.

However, under the scheme certain cases aren't covered, which is where Fitness to Practise insurance comes in. GPs and other medical professionals are exposed to very particular legal insurance risks that arise from the intensively pressured environment they work in. State-backed liability insurance provides protection against actions for civil damages that are brought against practitioners working in the NHS. Medical defence unions may provide assistance to members to defend allegations of professional misconduct on a discretionary basis and surgery medical malpractice policies respond where a patient has suffered harm. However, these arrangements will not respond to particular sets of circumstances - and this is where Fitness to Practise Insurance comes in.

We are delighted to have partnered with ARAG plc on behalf of the insurer SCOR UK Company Ltd and have designed a comprehensive, specialist product that goes beyond "fitness to practise". Our Fitness to Practise insurance policy is available to buy online in a matter of minutes through ourselves - a specialist broker in the market - to individuals or groups of individuals within a practice setting, or to NHS or private medical practices. You can find out more by visiting our fitness to practise web page.

If your professional activities are solely centered around NHS work and you need coverage for medico-legal matters, then standalone fitness to practise coverage is the suitable option for you. For further information, contact one of our helpful advisors on 02071 185247.